Luister naar de nieuwste podcast met een Female Leader: Sharda Nandram

Welcome to a new episode of the New Female Leaders podcast

Welcome to a new episode of the New Female Leaders podcast. The podcast about authentic leadership where we interview role models and experts and together we try to answer the question: what IS authentic female leadership? How can you make an impact and stay true to yourself? 

In this special episode, Caroline is talking to Filipa Lazary, the co-owner of the podcast studio where most of the New Female Leaders episodes of season 3 have been recorded. Filipa is a former corporate senior engineer turned DJ turned community builder with a background in ballet and violin music.

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Filipa Lazary

If you really have a pure intention and you follow your heart, the universe will take care of you” 

– Filipa

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to face your biggest obstacle: yourself
  • How to integrate the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality
  • How to follow your heart
  • How to honor your ancestral female lineage
  • How to build a community of like-minded people
  • How to stay true to yourself in a community setting

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Kom tot jouw eigen definitie van authentiek leiderschap met het New Female Leader boek

In het boek New Female Leader geeft Caroline concrete handvatten voor hoe je als vrouw kunt leiden én bij je eigen waarden blijft. Ze laat inspirerende vrouwelijke rolmodellen aan het woord, geeft tips om het op jouw manier te doen en haalt relevante onderzoeken aan, zodat je tot je eigen authentieke definitie van leiderschap kunt komen.



A self-proclaimed tomboy, Filipa Lazary always aspired to be like her older brother and enjoyed activities that were normally reserved for boys. However, ballet was also a passion of hers as well as music and dancing and so while growing up she learned to integrate these masculine and feminine traits of her personality. 

Filipa studied at the Lisbon Conservatory from the age of 6 until 16. At 16, Filipa felt like she needed to make a choice: what am I going to do and how am I going to sustain myself? Coming from a family of engineers, Filipa decided to choose tech and then went on to study Computer Science at the Lisbon Technical Institute.

Filipa started her corporate career as Product Manager at Ericsson, went on to work at Celtel International, the Vodafone of Africa, and continued her journey at T-Mobile, where she spent the final 3 years of her 12-year long corporate career. 

In 2006 Filipa moved to Amsterdam and was absorbed by the city’s electronic music scene. She joined a local promoter in 2008 and helped organize underground parties in the city. From there, it was a small step up to the booth. Her deejaying career picked up fast and in 2012 she was already turning it up at Boom Festival and had her first gig at Burning Man in 2014, after which she was invited to perform at Tomorrowland in 2017.

While producing electronic music, Filipa realized she was more creative with other creative people around and so she came up with the idea of starting her own artist residency after moving to Ibiza in 2012. Together with her partner Mark, she set up a local artist community, called ‘Labryinthia’, and they have been co-creating and living with other artists ever since. 

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Show notes


  • Time stamp
  • Notes
  • [0.01.38]
  • Filipa explains what inspired her to study electronic engineering coming from a background in ballet and violin music
  • [0.03.39]
  • Filipa shares her experience about being one of the few women in her electronic engineering class
  • [0.04.22]
  • Filipa shares about how she practiced ballet as a self-proclaimed tomboy and the influence of her parents
  • [0.07.58]
  • Filipa shares her experience as a senior engineer at Celtel, the Vodafone of Africa
  • [0.10.56]
  • Filipa talks about how it’s difficult to climb the ladder when there are little to no women occupying executive positions
  • [0.11.42]
  • Filipa shares how moving to Amsterdam completely changed her life
  • [0.14.25]
  • Filipa shares about her double life before becoming a DJ
  • [0.16.42]
  • Filipa explains how unifying and integrating her double life was a gradual process
  • [0.18.51]
  • Filipa explains what has always been her biggest obstacle: herself
  • [0.20.33]
  • Filipa explains how she overcame her biggest obstacle
  • [0.23.07]
  • Filipa shares the biggest pitfall of being part of the corporate world and the work it took to get out
  • [0.27.40]
  • Filipa tells the story behind her name change
  • [0.30.41]
  • Filipa explains how she honors her ancestral female lineage
  • [0.32.10]
  • Filipa shares how she integrated her feminine masculine aspects
  • [0.33.25]
  • Filipa shares about the community that she’s building with her partner: Labyrinthia
  • [0.37.06]
  • Filipa tells about her deejaying career: getting invited to play at Burning Man and Tomorrowland
  • [0.41.19]
  • Filipa continues to tell about the community and artist residency that she’s building
  • [0.42.59]
  • Filipa explains how she stays true to herself in a community setting
  • [0:45:17]
  • Filipa explains the rules and learnings of building her own community: everybody has to add value
  • [0:49:58]
  • Filipa talks about the difference between her and her partner and how they give each other space in their community
  • [0.52.15]
  • Filipa explains how community building is becoming a movement of the future and the importance of becoming self-sufficient
  • [0:55:09]
  • Filipa shares how she stays connected to the events happening in the world
  • [0:58:51]
  • Filipa shares her final bit of advice to the current and future generation of female leaders
  • [0:59:43]
  • Filipa shares how you can connect with her on social media

Het handboek voor nieuw leiderschap vanuit je eigen waarden

In het boek New Female Leader geeft Caroline concrete handvatten voor hoe je als vrouw kunt leiden én bij je eigen waarden blijft.

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Het handboek voor nieuw leiderschap vanuit je eigen waarden

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Inmiddels zijn we zo'n 70 gesprekken verder en is er een BOEK!  Zie dit boek als een handboek om je eigen definitie aan leiderschap te geven, waarbij we een model hebben ontwikkeld met handvatten hoe je dit nou het beste kunt doen. Het boek bevat tips van de rolmodellen, in combinatie met Caroline haar visie, analyse en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, zodat je tot je eigen authentieke vorm van leiderschap kunt komen.

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