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Welcome to a new episode of the New Female Leaders podcast

Welcome to a new episode of the New Female Leaders podcast. The podcast about authentic leadership where we interview role models and experts and together we try to answer the question: what IS authentic female leadership? How can you make an impact and stay true to yourself?  We’re thrilled to introduce Kate Northrup: entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother.

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Kate Northrup

“When it comes to this aspect of self-love, it really requires some unraveling and some deprogramming to give ourselves the gift of doing fewer things and actually being present in our lives because being present in our lives brings a lot more joy. And it’s like an entirely loving experience to say, I get to savor this bite of chocolate cake. I get to work on projects that light me up.”

– Kate

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How you can redefine what success means to you
  • What success in leadership means and the importance of holding leaders accountable in a transformative way
  • How to live your values instead of just communicating them
  • How you can do less and still be ambitious and make an impact
  • What the Pareto principle is and how you can implement it on a daily basis
  • How you can prioritize tasks
  • How the relationship with everything around you influences and changes your life 
  • What the cyclical model is and how it can recharge you 

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Kom tot jouw eigen definitie van authentiek leiderschap met het New Female Leader boek

In het boek New Female Leader geeft Caroline concrete handvatten voor hoe je als vrouw kunt leiden én bij je eigen waarden blijft. Ze laat inspirerende vrouwelijke rolmodellen aan het woord, geeft tips om het op jouw manier te doen en haalt relevante onderzoeken aan, zodat je tot je eigen authentieke definitie van leiderschap kunt komen.



Today, the way we work isn’t working anymore. According to Kate Northrup, “Our culture has us kind of brainwashed or indoctrinated to believe that the more we do so, the more things we do in a day, in a week and a month, the more valuable we are.”

Our addiction to busyness leads us to feel like we’re failing our families, careers, partners, and ultimately ourselves. It’s time we revolutionize the way we work. It’s time to stop working ourselves to the brink of exhaustion. 

But how do we do that? The old adage, change starts with you, exists for a reason and so it starts by changing the system within ourselves. 

Instead of doing it all, Kate invites you to be more mindful about how you spend your time. “We all just do have a limited amount of energy and time and attention in any given day and so why not be super-mindful about what that goes towards rather than just like trying to spread it everywhere?”

Kate teaches data and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress through her Do Less Planner, her programs, and her books, Do Less and Money: A Love Story. Do Less was named one of the 100 Best Time Management Books of All Time. 

Kate’s work has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Women’s Health, Glamour, and more. Kate lives with her husband and their daughters in a cozy town in Maine.

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Show notes


  • Time stamp
  • Notes
  • [0.02.25]
  • Kate explains why when we stop supporting a system that doesn’t work, the system is forced to change
  • [0.04.43]
  • Kate explains her personal definition of success
  • [0.08.08]
  • Caroline defines leadership in the context of New Female Leaders
  • [0.08.59]
  • Kate defines what success in leadership means to her, and the importance of holding leaders accountable in a transformative way
  • [0.11.57]
  • Kate explains how she recently reevaluated her social media presence to stay more true to herself
  • [0.15.01]
  • Kate highlights the importance of the difference between communicating your values and actually living your values
  • [0.18.42]
  • Kate explains what ‘doing less’ means to her as an ambitious woman
  • [0.25.24]
  • Kate explains how over-functioning and doing too many things and self-love do not always go together
  • [0.28.37]
  • Kate explains that deep inside you already know the things that you love
  • [0.31.25]
  • Kate explains the Pareto principle; the 80-20 rule and how you can implement this rule on a daily basis
  • [0.34.35]
  • Kate explains how you can prioritize and eliminate tasks
  • [0.37.16]
  • Kate explains how manufacturing urgency ensures that you cannibalize other ongoing projects
  • [0.38.14]
  • Kate explains how the relationship with everything around you influences and changes your life
  • [0.44.53]
  • Kate explains how the cyclical, feminine cultural model is more inclusive than the linear, masculine cultural model
  • [0.46.57]
  • Kate explains the difference between linear and cyclical time and how it influences your life
  • [0.53.21]
  • Kate explains how you can apply the cyclical model to an ongoing project, how it can recharge you, and the importance of going through all the phases
  • [0.58.04]
  • Kate explains why you definitely shouldn’t do everything by yourself as a mother and entrepreneur
  • [1.01.01]
  • Kate explains how you can become a better leader according to her

Het handboek voor nieuw leiderschap vanuit je eigen waarden

In het boek New Female Leader geeft Caroline concrete handvatten voor hoe je als vrouw kunt leiden én bij je eigen waarden blijft.

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Het handboek voor nieuw leiderschap vanuit je eigen waarden

De afgelopen 2 jaar hebben we besteed aan het onderzoeken wat het nu betekent om als vrouw te leiden vanuit je authentieke zelf. Samen met jou zijn we op een zoektocht om uit te vinden wat het nu betekent om vanuit je eigen waarden te leiden in deze — nog steeds patriarchale — samenleving.

Inmiddels zijn we zo'n 70 gesprekken verder en er komt een BOEK!  Zie dit boek als een handboek om je eigen definitie aan leiderschap te geven, waarbij we een model hebben ontwikkeld met handvatten hoe je dit nou het beste kunt doen. Het boek bevat tips van de rolmodellen, in combinatie met Caroline haar visie, analyse en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, zodat je tot je eigen authentieke vorm van leiderschap kunt komen.

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